The other side of the moon

By Lucia del Mar
When we talk about tarot, it is common to think of classical meanings to which we are more than used. We read in the books, we learn from our teachers and by default incorporate into our visual and archetypal language.

Now, I can hardly accommodate those classic meanings, yet they are not and never will be obsolete, if some need to be upgraded and adapted to our times. Like the unorthodox misfit, eternal student that I am, I met with groups and individuals where my visions of the cards are not regarded with awe and even fear. Because it is very common that when someone leaves the structure of the archetype, many people are horrified and tearing their hair out, shouting 'respect the tarot!'. The Arkanas are cards, sheets of cardboard with printed images, divination tool we use in our reading, I doubt they be offended if we try to see them from a different perspective ...

Then let us see the cards with different eyes, as first practice, I chose the moon, on whose expression we debated in another group. The moon, associated with signs of water, women, female cycles. Intuition, connection with the inner voice. Moreover moon speaks of things hidden or that are not what they seem, because nothing is as you see it in the darkness of the night and I intend to go that way in this discussion. At first glance things that are not seen, but they can be guessed in the face of the moon. Consider the image.

In this card we see the dark night, on the horizon barely visible the shape of two towers, focus on the face of the moon it has an angry expression, is tired of the barking dogs that did not stop trying to get her attention. Closes her eyes and breathes deeply to avoid kicking the dogs out to be left alone. If we were talking about a person, I say it's a time bomb, which is more stressed than it seems, angrier, and is capable of much more than we imagine.
If a situation, I would say that those who are going thru it are not letting others see the full problems, try to keep it to themselves but can not do so for long. If we saw it in a predictive way we could say that we are dealing with a time bomb, we continue breathing until it explodes, or do something now while we still can?

In this card is dawning, we can better distinguish the structure of the towers and the sun peeks over the horizon. This Moon is resigned, understands that some things do not depend on her will, dogs are dogs and everything is better under the sunlight, but can she hold the same attitude the next night? It will happen all over again without saying anything, or make the situation public to break free. For that which we hide bind us and we must live in solitude. This Moon is a resigned person, who prefers to stand alone in order to keep her secret. If predictive, I say things will get better at dawn, but at night we must do it all over again.

This moon has given up to the situation with delusional expectations, she has created a reality where the situation is good although it clearly is not, and is having a negative impact on their lives, and even their health. This Moon is exhausted but smiling because she wants to believe her lies and wants to convince others. As a person, is someone that has created a reality where the overall situation is good, no longer sees things as others, only sees what is under her lens. As situation, it has nothing to do with what is seen from outside, it is darker and away from the overview that gives to viewers. If we saw it in a predictive way we could say that this moon announces problems, difficulty seeing reality, possible mental breakdown.

This is just a small part of all possibilities offered by cards. Just by observing them, we can see that a different line changes the situation, but the general meaning remains. Hence, each deck has not only one but three meanings, the established the general meaning, the contribution of the, and of course, ours !! This is my point view, would you share yours??